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Lambhill co.'s commitment to empowering athletes across the globe

ONE FC FLYWEIGHT- Ismail "The Volcano" Khan

We are dedicated to discovering and collaborating with exceptionally talented individuals who may not yet have gained widespread global recognition but possess undeniable potential and skill.

Our goal is to seek out these up-and-coming talents from across the globe and provide them with the platform, support and resources crucial for their ascension to the pinnacle of their craft.

We believe in the transformative power of allowing deserving individuals the opportunity to showcase their abilities and reach their full potential.

Through strategic partnerships and tailored support initiatives, our commitment to support pure talent extends beyond mere corporate objectives; it is a fundamental facet of our brand's culture and values.


Ismail Khan utilizing our signature blankets in his high-altitude (acclimatization) training for his fight camp

ismail "THE VOLCANO" Khan

With a Professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) record of 7-1, Khan competes in one of the toughest and biggest MMA promotions in the world, One Fighting Championship.

Training out of KAKS FIGHT CLUB under Head Coach Muhammad Sulman, his relentless pursuit to become the first-ever Pakistani ONE FC Bantamweight Champion draws eyes to the sport of MMA in Pakistan. Eyes that are monumental to uplift the dreams of many up-and-coming fighters from club and country.

Epitomizing rising talent in the world of MMA, Khan is often referred to as the "Pakistani Khabib". His commanding and brutal wrestling capabilities have been praised by athletes and commentators across the globe.

Inspired by his story of struggle and cultural bounds, LAMBHILL CO. decided to partner with Khan to help him achieve the pinnacle of greatness in the sport.